One is an Internet and Toll-free Anonymous Hotline service. It is part of the BlackWhole Solutions™ family of products. One is used by employees and customers.

The employee and customer simply calls 1-888-888-8-FIX and/or can visit One and report their comments or concerns—good or bad! They have the option of completing The E.P.S. Survey that generates results in real-time that is posted on the member's site. This data is then relayed to a designated business contact via email in real-time so you can respond immediately…not days later when it may be too late. BONUS! When the call comes in, are you ready to take it? Should the call be handled immediately, or can it wait? We are trained to intervene in matters that are highly sensitive in nature and diffuse even the most difficult of situations. More...



This is a special PRE-background check that is a "blended" record check that is offered through Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. The SweepAlert™ has assembled to gather the most information as possible in the shortest amount of time. This report is not to be used as a pre-employment report, but a PRE-SCREENING REPORT or "FILTER" that provides insight and additional information to help you expedite the hiring process. SweepAlert™ is also used as a POST-employment proactive background check that can offer early detection to problematic employees who can—and do—commit criminal acts AFTER THEY ARE EMPLOYED. The SweepAlert™ is a check you would make PRIOR to conducting a full Employment Background Check in the case that something negative (i.e., a criminal history) appears where a conviction was determined and you can now potentially eliminate the candidate from the front-runners and focus on the others. You will save time and money by not having to conduct a full Background Check on this candidate.


 PASS III Data Survey

The P.A.S.S. III D.A.T.A. Survey is quick and easy to administer and instantly measures:         

Alienated Attitudes: This is the applicant's predisposed attitude toward supervisors, rules, pay, benefits, procedures, discipline, work habits and work ethic.

Trustworthiness Attitudes: Comparative attitude levels toward theft, trustworthiness, dependability and personal responsibility.  

Drug Attitudes: The applicant's attitude about the use and/or abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Hire top quality applicants
Reduce employee turnover
Enhance employee morale
Reduce theft
Minimize personnel problems
Improve profits by reducing hiring costs


 Real-time Background Checks

Please call us toll-free at 1-800-825-5572 or visit to learn more about our Real-time Background checks

Our Background Checks are legally compliant and processed in real-time. BWS does not provide “stored data” that is not only outdated but should never be used as part of a legitimate employment background check. BWS provides both domestic as well as International background checks at Member pricing. Call 1-800-825-5572 to learn more.


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