BlackWhole Solutions

Company Overview:

BlackWhole Solutions™ is software that is designed to attract data from multiple users. This data pertains to a variety of business operation issues such as theft, fraud, shoplifting, harassment, investigation, interviewing, interrogation and a host of other workplace situations that may be too ethically and legally sensitive to resolve without outside assistance. BWS is beyond simple Case Management software—it adds Case Solution!

The Managing team:

BlackWhole Solutions™ managing team are seasoned Experts in the Loss Prevention and Security industry. The BWS team applies a solid, proven approach to each and every problem presented to them. Our Experts have conducted thousands of investigations and interrogations with impressive results. Each “Expert” must qualify to become a BWS Representative. In fact, when you communicate with a BWS Expert you will likely be communicating with a Certified Fraud Examiner

Our Vision:

BlackWhole Solutions™ will consistently strive to provide straightforward, honest solutions to a variety of business problems. Only those solutions with a high-degree of success will be supplied to Members by our team of Experts.”