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Loss Prevention: February 2013   :  Negotiating, Character defined, Hotlines
Loss Prevention Tips - Oct12   :  Myths, Tips
Loss Prevention Newsletter   :  September 2012 Invitation

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Security News   :  Betrayed, Hotline, CCTV, Confessions
Security News   :  Motives for Deception, 2012 Fraud Report
Security News   :  Distraction, Interrogation, CCTV
Security News   :  Deterrence, Avoiding mistakes, Training
Security News   :  Liars, Pro-Shoplifter, Confession
Security News   :  Employee Theft, Body Language
Security News   :  Investigations, The "Q12", Body Language
Security News   :  Investigation: Poor timing, Detecting lies
Security News   :  The Silent Skill, Loudmouth, Eye Language
Security News   :  External Theft, Interview tip
Security News   :  Trust, Ready-Aim-Fire, The Liars, CCTV
Security News   :  Fraud Prevention, Look at the Eyes

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* BlackWhole Solutions™ is launched after over 1 year in development! 

* BWS offers Continuing Education through Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc. state-approved training 

* BWS introduces and to its Members

Expert Level Training

"This is a Five Star + course. As a former Chief of Police, former Chairman of the MNPOST Board, member of the FBI NA and FBI LEEDA and NAIS, I recommend this course without any reservations. It's professional, thorough, interesting and extremely well presented. The accompanying course materials are well-written and allow for easy follow-along and note taking."

“While the subject matter of the class did not directly fit into my type of work (I do not deal with employee issues much) I did find the techniques for interviews helpful and informative. I found the class was well-organized, the time did not drag, and the material held my attention. The presentation was knowledgeable and professional. Of all the pre-approved training classes I have attended this one was by far the best.

"Excellent Class! Well constructed and presented."

"Once again Bill Urban provides an excellent course. It is informative and entertaining. Most courses have various lulls throughout the day. Bill is able to keep everything interesting plus he involves the participants. The only hard part was trying to get Bill to provide more insight as to interview transitions. But that is what the next course level is for, which my company will attend. This course truly makes me want to tell others about how effective these techniques can be. Thanks Bill! I give you a grade of "A.""